On April 30th a three-day online training seminar was completed. The training was dedicated to the study of the methodological framework for the implementation of the work based learning (WBL) in the HE systems of Armenia and Russia and was organized by the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz (Austria).

The morning session on the first day of the training was opened by Professor Ernst Nausner, who was the moderator and keynote speaker during other sessions as well.

Other lecturers from the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz: Dr. Alfred Weinberger, Dr. Danièle Hollick and Dr. Emmerich Boxhofer also made presentations.

During the training, the following topics were covered:

  • development of WBL curricula for universities
  • basic elements of WBL programs
  • integrated (complex) approach
  • quality assurance tools
  • benefits and barriers in implementation of the integrated approach
  • developing flexible, innovative and practical methodology for work-based learning
  • interaction with stakeholders
  • WBL resources (financial, human and structural)
  • basic principles of partnership and interaction

The Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz developed questions that helped to guide the discussion during group work. On the final day of the training consortium partners reported on the specifics of the implementation of the project results on-site in the universities of Armenia and Russia.

Speaker presentations:

April 28, 2021:

  1. Ernst Nausner (PH-Linz): Basics.
  2. Danièle Hollick (PH-Linz): Curriculum Design & Analysis.
  3. Emmerich Boxhofer (PH-Linz): Assessments for WBL.

April 29, 2021:

  1. Ernst Nausner (PH-Linz):Development of Resources.

April 30, 2021

Project meeting.

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