Tver State University (TvSU) was established in 1870 as the private pedagogical school of Pavel Maximovich. Later, the school was transformed into Tver Teacher Training Institute (1917) and further on into Kalinin State University (1971-1972).  Finally, it was renamed Tver State University in 1990. Nowadays, the university offers a wide range of BA, MA and PhD programmes in social sciences, humanities and natural sciences for Russian and international students at 3 institutes, 16 faculties and 67 departments. The university holds an EFQM Certificate in Quality Management.  

Contact information

David Mamagulashvili

University Coordinator

PhD, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management


Tel.: +74822529433

Andrey Belotserkovskiy

Director of the Center for strategic development and innovations.

Professor, Dr. of Phys. and Math. Sci.


Nadezhda Bedenko

Project Manager

Dr. Habil. in Economics, Head of the Department of Economics and Management


Tel.: +74822341820

Svetlana Chegrintsova

Course Developer

PhD, Associate professor at the Department of Economics and Management



Anna Borodina

Course Developer

MA in linguistics, Senior lecturer and PhD student at the Department of Economics of Enterprise and Management


Tel.:+7 910 842-0444

Vitaly Kopnov


Doctor of Engineering, Certified Professor in Quality Management


Tel.: +79221455501