Roshydromet Advanced Training Institute (Roshydromet ATI) is the main institution of training and professional development in the system of Russian National Weather Service, Roshydromet. The main goal of Roshydromet ATI is to increase the professional level of Roshydromet employees in the field of meteorology, hydrology, environmental monitoring and related disciplines. Specialized training courses organized by ATI are conducted in-house, online and at relevant Roshydromet Scientific and Research Institutes. Since 1994 nearly 24.800 staff were retrained, including 2367 foreigners from 34 states. ATI is the leading component of the World Meteorological Organisation’s Regional Training Centre in the Russian Federation. It is also the central hub for Roshydromet distance learning system used for training purposes. In 2019, ATI has licensed its PhD programme and registered the new journal “Hydrometeorology and education” to be published 4 times per year.

In the framework of FlexWBL project, ATI team will take part in exchange experience sessions with EU, RU and AM partners, ensuring further spread of knowledge among ATI administrative and teaching staff to equip them with up-to-date EU tools and methods of university-enterprise coordination, Roshydromet employee’s professional development and flexible academic education. It will also contribute to development of the WBL framework and innovative model of university-enterprise cooperation, and test run the WBL framework in the corporate setting. ATI will work on establishment and dissemination of WBL framework and provision of project sustainability and expansion. ATI is co-leading the project activities under WPs 2.2 Implementation of the WBL Framework: Knowledge and Competence and 3 Quality Plan

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Anna Timofeeva


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Tel.: +7 095 522-02-11, ext.7111

Eduard Podgaiskii

Chief specialist, international relations

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Anna Sukhova

Head of Academic Services

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Tel.: +7 095 522-02-11, ext.7118

Murat Nakhaev


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Tel.: +7 095 522-02-11, ext. 7109

Anna Fokicheva

Associate Professor, Chair of Specialized Hydrometeorological Provision

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