Gavar State University is a higher education institution providing higher education not only for the population in but also outside the region. It also commits scientific research in various spheres conducted by a great number of candidates and doctors of sciences. It was established in 1993. Gavar State University provides higher education at three levels – Bachelor, Master, PhD. The university offers higher education programmes both in full-time and part-time levels. The education is organized in accordance with the principles of the ECTS credit system. 

There are the following faculties at the University: Philology, Natural Sciences, the Humanities, Economics, and Part-Time education.  Management of the University is carried out by the University Council, the Board of Trustees, the Rector’s Board, and the Faculty Councils.

The University has a Club of Economists, Club of Natural Sciences, Art Studio, Career Centre, Legal Clinic and Tourism Centre. The Student self-government bodies, such as Student Council and Student Scientific Society function actively at the university.

The university pays great attention to its continuous cooperation with the external stakeholders providing competent graduates for labor market. The University provides comfortable and well-equipped classrooms and computer laboratories in all three buildings of its campus. The University seeks to have daily development of its academic and administrative staff and work out more effective disciplines in line with the labour market demands. At the same time, Gavar State University seeks close contacts with experienced universities in the republic and outside its borders. The University is cooperating with the RA scientific and educational institutions, regional government authorities in Gegharkunik and local self-government bodies, youth, educational, scientific and cultural organizations and international associations. The University carries out various programmes of social assistance for its students and staff members.

 The University is a dynamically developing higher educational institution which prepares experienced and competent specialists of high-quality meeting the requirements of the time.

Internationalization is considered one of the most important aspects of development at the University. Within its wide international cooperation, Gavar State University has been implementing more than 20 international projects within Erasmus Plus KA1, KA 2.

The University seeks to have participants in different international conferences and also host and hold international and national conferences and intends to increase the number of incoming international students and lecturers.

Contact information:

Ruzanna Hakobyan


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Nelli Kutuzyan

Vice-Rector in charge of Scientific and Educational issues

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Gayane Miribyan

Head of the Foreign Languages and Literature Chair

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Lilit Torchyan

Head of Foreign Relations and Media Department

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Hasmik Margaryan



Shushan Baghdoyan

Specialist of Quality Assurance Department

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