Project category: Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large — university-enterprise cooperation, such as support for students’ practical placement, entrepreneurship, employability of graduates etc.

Project Aim:

  • To create a platform for the implementation of a work- based learning (WBL) framework in the national HE systems of Armenia and Russia in order to bridge the gap between skills supply and labor market demands in university-enterprise network cooperation and the wider economic and social environment according to the Yerevan Communique, Paris Communique and EU 2020 strategy’s objectives.

Specific  Project Objectives :

  • To establish the WBL framework in the national Higher Education systems of Armenia and Russia harmonized with EU best practices.
  • To build capacity and capability within the HE sectors through the development of expertise in designing and implementing courses incorporating WBL.
  • To launch the WBL website.
  • To pilot the implementation of WBL framework in Higher Education Institutions of Armenia and Russia.