19 June 2020

FlexWBL partners took part in the second international online seminar within the framework of the Erasmus + program project “Development of a flexible, innovative and practical framework for Work-based Learning in higher education of Armenia and Russia” on 18th -19th of June

The seminar was attended by teachers and staff of DSTU: associate professor of Transportation and Traffic organization Chair, L. V. Eremina, teacher of the Transportation and Traffic organization Chair A. Yu. Mamoyko, chief of International education department I. M. Maevskaya, head of the for International resource center K.K. Polyakov, manager of the International projects management department N.R. Gasparyan. The seminar was organized by the project coordinator, Liepaja university (Latvia), on the Microsoft Teams platform. The leading experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Great Britain, who presented the best European practices of introducing the Work Based Learning approach and building a system of interaction with staff, were among the speakers. Professor John Talbot gave a lecture on the WBL experience at the University of Chester (UK). During the seminar, partners from Armenia and Russia discussed the elements of WBL in universities of Russia and Armenia, summed up the interim results of the project implementation and agreed on a further work plan.

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