20 August 2019

PSU will take part in the implementation of a project aimed at developing an innovative, practice-oriented training system based on the work-based learning strategy – a training system combined with work, in which training involves orientation to the labor market and interaction with enterprises from different sectors of the economy.
“This project will help employers to attract graduates whose qualifications correspond exactly to the parameters set by the labor market. The learning process will become more effective by taking into account the real needs of companies and enterprises. In addition, students will be able to gain practical skills during their studies, and employers, in turn, – more competent and qualified specialists who have completed their studies at the university, ”notes Natalya Dobrynina, project coordinator at Perm State University.
Many partners of the First Channel in the Urals will be invited to participate in the project. The main task of the project is to develop educational programs that take into account the specific needs of employers.
The project was developed within the framework of the European Union program “Erasmus +”. In addition to PSU, the project consortium includes universities in Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Armenia, as well as a number of Russian universities.