PNNPK company develops and produces sensors and systems for navigation, stabilisation and orientation of moving objects. The company is one of the leading suppliers in the market of navigation devices in Russia.

Perm State University and PNPPK are strategic partners that seek to continue fruitful cooperation. In the recent years the university and the company have been successfully implementing a range of joint projects that cover the issues of high-tech production development of photonic integrated-optical circuits, autonomous navigation systems and special resistant optic fibre. So far, 6 universal integrated-optical circuits have been elaborated. These circuits can be used in monitoring systems of electrical field and biopotential.

In 2019 PSU together with PNPPK established the department of nanotechnology and microsystems technology on the basis of PSU department of solid state physics and PNPPK University Educational Centre. Students of the faculty of physics study at PNPPK in specially equipped classrooms and conduct experimental research using PNPPK equipment. Perspective students are employed by the company and participate in its research projects.