30 April 2020

The monitoring began on 30th of April 2020. Under the conditions of COVID-19 it was conducted in the online format via e-mail communication. Russian partners filled in the NEO Russia questionnaire, then replied to the arising questions and clarified some points by providing evidences and requested documents. The Monitoring lasted for two months and resulted in NEO Russia feedback in June.
During monitoring Russian partners reported about activities and events already implemented. Issues of project management: management model, communication channels, conflict resolution procedures were reviewed. Quality assurance strategy was also touched upon, namely: who will perform QA measures, the forms of performing internal & external quality assurance, quality indicators against which project progress will be evaluated, criteria for peer reviewing the deliverables. Dissemination update was made: preparation of the web-site, development of promo materials and branding, development of the Dissemination Plan, etc. It was pointed that European partners’ WBL training is planned for June 2020 in accordance with the project time schedule in online format.
The final evaluation made by NEO Russia was very positive and will help the Consortium to carry on successful work on development of a flexible, innovative and practical framework for Work-Based Learning in higher education of Armenia and Russia.