On January 27, 2021, FlexWBL partners met online via MS Teams platform for the seventh  project meeting.

It was important to review the status quo of project activities after the Christmas and New year holidays. The issue of the equipment purchase was raised to decide on the most appropriate logistics and get update on tendering process specifics in Russia and Armenia. Also the coordinator instructed partners on the deadlines for submitting financial documents for the past period.

Armenian partners shared the details of the online Monitoring held on December 2020 by the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia. Together all partners analyzed the feedback received from NEO and discussed what actions should be undertaken to meet the recommendations. On the whole the feedback was very positive and encouraging.

The activities within the next work package 2.2. were discussed , thus Klaipeda University  was given a floor as a work package leader to tell the participants on how the work will be organized.  For elaborating the rules for integrated WBL curricula presentation and accumulation in a data base and also for other key points of WBL methodology discussion, the WP 2.2. team will conduct regular internal meetings.

DSTU updated partners on new materials uploaded to the website, i.e. section  «Partnerships of HEIs with enterprises» for further set up of WBL labs. This webpage is assigned to showcase the university-enterprise cooperation for implementing WBL in consortium universities.   During the dissemination activities overview the FlexWBL YouTube channel launched by the Coordinator was presented to partners. Now partners received one more powerful social media to be used for promoting the project and its results.

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