4th transnational project meeting took place on August 31, 2020. During the meeting, all participants gathered to discuss implementation of FlexWBL project. Gavar State University, Perm State University, Brusov State University, Don State University, Lithuania University took part in the discussion. Unfortunately, Austrian partners were absent. Liepaja coordinator Patrick Morevs announced the meeting participants that he had registered FlexWBL project at the Youtube channel.

ATI representatives reported about negotiation with Armenian weather service on signing an agreement. ATI members provide education and training for more than 30 000 employees of Russian weather service and they also provide similar training to other CIS countries and in this respect Armenian weather service is interested in getting some courses from ATI.

Don State Technical University gave information about presentation of the drafts of two documents in ownCloud, which was expected from DSTU, as a leader of Work Package 2.3 implementation support. First document is “FlexWBL stakeholders’ interaction plan”; it is available in the ownCloud. The document is about 17 pages. The second document “Implementation support” was also prepared as a draft by DSTU, it’s also in the ownCloud in the same folder. This is also considered to be the first draft of the concept. In the Aims and Objectives DSTU put the information from their proposal. This is how aims and objectives of Work based learning were formulated there. There were three points and DSTU members added a point four (testing of WBL framework), one can see the activities what these laboratories are aimed at. In addition, there is a part of the equipment, which is approved for project, staff, and regulation documents. Furthermore the very important news about the website is in the process of feeling in. The structure has been already done, feeling with information from the project partners. During the meeting there was announced about Interproject couching which would take place on the 9th of September during the National Awareness day in DSTU.

Perm State University representatives told about the performed complementation. Perm State University representatives discussed the information with Don State University members with the aim to receive some advanced recommendations. The new significant details were compiled and added in the description of Perm State University to get the full information about partners and network.

Brusov State University mentioned briefly information about quality assurance plan, they also prepared the questionary.

NUACA representatives spoke about meeting they held during the summer.

At the end of discussion, the members of the meeting arranged to meet online at the end of September to speak about the project progress, project deadlines.

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