4th transnational project meeting took place on August 31, 2020.  

Consortium members gathered to discuss implementation of FlexWBL project. Latvian and Lithuanian Partners met face-to-face other partners joined online via Microsoft Teams platform. Project coordinator announced launching of FlexWBL Youtube channel which will be used as one more dissemination tool. Unfortunately pandemic situation has slowed down some project activities. For example more time is needed to work out the final concept of WBL framework. Consequently the timeline of WBL framework implementation in Russian and Armenian universities is also shifted. In spite of the difficulties caused by pandemic the partners carried out the project work at the maximum possible extent and reported on progress of WPs fulfillment during the meeting. TvSU team is boosting research part of the project and is working on the monograph on economic efficiency of work based learning approach. ATI is promoting FlexWBL in the professional meteorological community at the highest world level. Don State Technical University has presented drafts of two important project documents: “Stakeholders’ Interaction Plan” and “WBL lab concept”. DSTU has updated the consortium on good progress in website construction; the website structure and design have been approved by consortium members. Also DSTU has used opportunity of this meeting to invite Partners to take part in the FlexWBL interproject coaching session planned for September 11th in the frame of the International online conference
«Modeling E4E (education for employment) processes: innovative educational programmes
and network partnership» organized by DSTU. Among activities performed by other partners were mentioned the following:
– Perm State University has started preparation of their partner-enterprises’ resume and will choose curricula for WBL piloting in the nearest time.
– Brusov State University as the leader of Quality WP continues to work over the Quality assurance plan together with ATI.
– NUACA have held the institutional meeting to discuss the WBL implementation conditions in their university, once the WBL framework is approved by the consortium.
– GSU have held institutional analysis of human and material resources to confirm good perspectives for successful implementation of WBL framework: the collaboration between GSU and enterprises is well elaborated, some of the industry representatives are included into the teaching staff.
At the end of meeting all partners have come to the conclusion that the project is progressing in the correct way and fixed October 5, 2020 to be the date of the next transnational meeting.

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