On June 23, 2021 project partners held the 11th online project meeting at Zoom platform.

Partners met to discuss issues of the Interim report preparation, financial reporting, WBL Labs equipment purchase progress as well as to provide update on project running at home institutions. Participants of the meeting had opportunity to clarify the questions of filling in the Integrated Curricula Template for the project database. Currently partners agreed to focus on 12 study programs (6 in Armenian and 6 in Russian universities) which have potential for WBL approach implementation.  WBL programs will be described using the unified template and submitted to the project data base supported by TvSU. The template was worked out on the basis of the Manual for the FlexWBL Framework compiled by Private University of Education of the Diocese of Linz and studied by partners during the workshop in April 28-30, 2021. The template enables to analyse curricula according to the key WBL criteria. In terms of approval of WBL integrated curricula, partners exchanged the news on the signing the official approval documents which ensure successful and sustainable implementation of WBL at institutional level. Although the format of the document may be different, all partners agreed to finalise the process by August 31st.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to Interim report preparation – the coordinator explained the structure of the report and discussed the best way of collecting input from partners. It was decided to hold the separate Steering Board meeting in order to distribute assignments among WP leaders. At the end of the meeting partners checked the availability, completeness and accuracy of their financial documents because this is the important component for making the Interim Report successful.

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