On April 18 – 27, 2022,  the Institute of Economics and Management (InEM) of Tver State University held the annual All-Russian Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Economics, Management and Politics: Problems of Theory, Practice and Interaction”, which was attended by more than 200 people – Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. students of Russian universities. In the framework of the conference, 12 sections worked under the guidance of leading scientists of InEM. This year, for the first time, a separate section was organized in Russian and English languages “WBL as an activator of higher education development ” (moderated by: Ph.D., Associate Professor Skudalova O.V., senior teacher Borodina A.V.).

The section took place on 22.04.2022 in distant format on the Microsoft Teams platform. The welcoming speech was made by the Head of the Chair “Enterprise Economics and Management” of InEM, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor N.N. Bedenko and Director of the Center for Strategic and Innovative Development of TvSU, Dr. Phys.-Math.Sci., Professor A.V. Belotserkovsky. During work of the section the results of student research within the project “FlexWBL: Development of a flexible, innovative and practical framework for Work-based Learning (learning combined with work) in higher education of Armenia and Russia” were presented. At present, TvSU is a leader in student research on WBL issues. In total, 7 reports were presented in the framework of the section,  in distant format and 1 report  in absentia participation format.

Theoretical and empirical research on WBL issues was presented in two blocks: 3-rd year Bachelor students of InEM TvSU (major 38.03.02 “Management”, profiles “Management in an organization” and “Marketing”) prepared presentations on the theoretical aspects of WBL in higher education based on secondary sources (piloting of the researched results took

  • place on January 2022 during the International Information and Methodological online seminar organised by InEU TvSU for the dissemination  of the FlexWBL project results).
  • 2-nd year Master students of the InEM TvSU (major 38.04.02 “Management”, profile “Strategic and corporate management”) shared the results of sociological research they conducted as part of their scientific-research practice, using questionnaires ( in Google-forms and in traditional format) developed by scientists of Perm State National Research university – a consortium partner of TvSU in the FlexWBL project.

All reports arouse keen  response of the audience – students and teachers; the speakers were asked many questions, which were answered in full, complete and competent way.

Video of the section

Speakers’ Presentations